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The Rifugio Alpino L'Ermitage hotel has 10 rooms to 2-4-6 beds, for a total of 36/40 beds.

The rooms are located upstairs, accessed by the stairs. The rooms, like the entire building of the shelter, have been renovated and furnished in 2000.
All are panelled and fitted with windows overlooking the mountains and the valley.
The beds are of 2 types: fixed bunk furniture folding.
Each room features a large compartment for luggage and personal a sink with hot and cold water.

Services too (showers, toilets, sinks, etc.) are new and in great numbers, all in the plan.

Inner view of a bedroom of the Rifugio L'Ermitage

Rifugio Alpino L'Ermitage  -  Chamois (AO)
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